Great Rivers of the West, Live!

Every Wednesday at 6pm - March 3rd through April 21st, 2021

Middle Fork Salmon River, Idaho
Middle Fork Salmon River, Idaho
Photography | Skip Volpert

The Series

On March 3rd, Western Rivers Conservancy will launch Great Rivers of the West, a live, online series featuring author and photographer Tim Palmer, who will take viewers on a visual journey to dozens of the best rivers in the western United States.

Each episode will feature an engaging, fast-paced slideshow with Tim, who will tell you what these rivers are all about: Where they begin, and where they flow, the fish that make them unique and the wildlife that depend on them, and how to experience them yourself, whether by boat or on foot, with binoculars, hiking poles or fly rod in hand.

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When: Join us every Wednesday at 6pm Pacific Time, from March 3rd to April 21st. Register once and watch a single episode or tune in for all eight of them—it's up to you! Episodes will run approximately 45 minutes.

Your Hosts: An introduction from Fishpond founder and CEO Johnny Le Coq, and WRC co-founder and President Sue Doroff, will begin each episode. Tim Palmer will present the main slideshow live each week.

Q&A: Sue and Tim will host a live Q&A at the end of each episode. Anything you want to know about rivers or WRC, just ask!

Gear Bonus! All registrants will be automatically entered to win in eight drawings for top-notch gear from Fishpond and Sawyer Oars. (You do not need to attend every presentation to win.)

Click to register for series.

Presentation schedule:

  • March 3 - Idaho rivers
  • March 10 - Montana rivers
  • March 17 - Oregon rivers
  • March 24 - California rivers
  • March 31 - Washington rivers
  • April 7 - Colorado rivers
  • April 14 - Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico rivers
  • April 21 - Utah and Wyoming rivers

How It All Began

Just over a decade ago, Western Rivers Conservancy set out to develop an inventory of the highest quality rivers in the West to deepen our understanding of the region and our work. To undertake this endeavor, we hired Tim Palmer, who has made the study of rivers his life’s work, paddling, photographing and writing books about them for more than 40 years. The result was a state-by-state report combining science, conservation, recreation and a passion for rivers—the lens through which WRC views rivers and its approach to protecting them for fish, wildlife and people.

Ten years after launching that project, we are now updating the report and want to share the results with everyone who cares about rivers. To that end, Tim will open his photo album to share what we have collectively learned about the great rivers of the West.

Whether you’re an angler, a boater, a hunter or a hiker, you’ll walk away from this series with a deeper appreciation of keystone rivers in your own backyard and throughout the West.

Meet Tim Palmer

Tim Palmer is an award-winning author of 29 books about rivers, river conservation and river recreation. He is the country’s foremost authority on paddling rivers and has canoed or kayaked over 300 rivers and streams around the United States. He is an accomplished photographer with one of the most complete collections of river photos in the country. To see rivers through his eyes is to experience them through the eyes of a river otter, a scholar and your favorite whitewater guide all at the same time.

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